You say “right-leaning,” I say “Alfredo Stroessner”

The phrases "right-leaning" and "left-leaning" have always infuriated me, for perhaps obvious reasons--it's a symptom of the "one-the-one-side-on-the-other" pantomime of even-handedness by which American media depoliticize politics. That is, there are no real sides, and no fundamental disagreements; there is only a political blob called "the center," on either bulging side of which different opinions … Continue reading You say “right-leaning,” I say “Alfredo Stroessner”

The worst -preneurs

In rough order of worst to almost as worst: Mompreneur Tacopreneur Pizzapreneur Ecopreneur Teacherpreneur Petrepreneur E-preneur Pastorpreneur Intrapreneur, extrapreneur, etc. Freedompreneur Leaderpreneur [thanks reader Roger!] Artrepreneur [thanks reader Anne!] Yogapreneur