Selected Other Work

“Austerity Economics Is Like a Kick in the Groin” (Guernica)

“Detroitism” (Guernica)

“Can’t Forget the People of the Motor City” (Guernica)

“Against Civility” (Guernica)

“Why Did J.P. Morgan’s Dog Die of Shame?” (The Appendix)

“Detroit’s Bankruptcy Filing: Not with a Bang, but with a Thud” (Huffington Post)

“How Not to Defend the DIA: A Reply to the New York Times’ Roberta Smith (Huffington Post)

“All the Young Technocrats” (Huffington Post)

“Great is the Emergency Manager: The Trains Will Run on Time” (Huffington Post)

Op-ed: “Where the Consent of Detroit’s Citizens and Workers?” (Detroit Free Press)

“Axle of Evil” (In These Times)

“Untying the Know of Venezuela’s Informal Economy” (NACLA)


(All available via the Wayne State Library’s Digital Commons, unless otherwise noted)

“4 Million Freedmen and 1 Bronzed Body: Cuba’s 10 Years’ War in U.S. Culture, 1868-1874,” J19: The Journal of Nineteenth-Century Americanists (2017)

The Lost Histories of Past Futures: Revolution, Belonging, and the Times of Transnational Print Cultures (review of Raúl Coronado, A World Not To Come: A History of Latino Writing and Print Culture), Common-place

“The Worlds of Langston Hughes: Modernism and Translation in the Americas by Vera Kutzinski” (book review), African American Review

“Havana Reads the Harlem Renaissance: Langston Hughes, Nicolás Guillén, and the Dialectics of Transnational American Literature  (Comparative Literature Studies) (note: requires library access to Project Muse)

“American Studies and the Transnational Ideal” (Criticism)

“America’s Other Half: Slum Journalism and the War of 1898” (available without subscription at the Journal of Transnational American Studies)

“TV Urgente: Urban Exclusion, Civil Society, and the Politics of Television in Venezuela” (Social Text)

“From the capital of the nineteenth century to the Paris of the Caribbean: Vertigo and modernity in tres tristes tigres” (Journal of Latin American Cultural Studies) (may be available in your university library)

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