From the mailbag: “best practices”

Another good idea from the Austerity mailbag: “Thanks so much for this series. I would love to see “best practices” ruthlessly analyzed because it seems so hard to argue against “best practices.”  Who would argue against the concept?  Someone who is okay with only “good practices” or even “worst practices”

1 thought on “From the mailbag: “best practices””

  1. Psychologists at the counseling center of the university and so on are going on about this. Studies are being funded.

    In the 90s people were accused of being TOO resilient, I remember. If something bad happened to you and you got over it, you were “in denial.” As in: “My broken arm is well again.” “It cannot be. You are repressing the true state of your arm. You are in denial. The body remembers trauma.” Etc.


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